About us

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KhartoumPress was born in May 2022 to continue in the same zeal and tradition of Al-Rai Al-Aam but in the English medium, covering news and presenting unique and fresh insights from Sudan and the region. KhartoumPress prides itself in pioneering accurate and independent news from the Sudanese and African perspective.

Why KhartoumPress

KhartoumPress was established to address the void of accurate news and misinformation that often mars coverage of Sudan and the region. While there are existing news portals that cover Sudan and Africa, KhartoumPress is emboldened to address the demand for unbiased news which sadly remains unmet today. We are able to reach out to opinion-makers, decision-makers and those on the ground to bring to you the most up-to-date, accurate and verified news and coverage in the region.

A new and independent news service

As an independent entity, KhartoumPress seeks to be a news service committed to international standards that serves to disseminate news, facts and developments inside Sudan, East Africa and the Sahel belt extending to the west of the continent. In transmitting independent news and insights, KhartoumPress will promote democratic values, human rights, fairness and transparency in accordance to global conventions.

What we do

KhartoumPress works to:

  • Provide a new and fresh depiction of events that occur in Sudan and the region. We do this by presenting unapologetically impartial and accurate information in a non-superficial format.
  • Seek, together with journalists, reporters and observers on the ground, to fact-check and verify information and offer unique insights and perspectives.
  • Provide a range of commentaries and opinion pieces from across the political spectrum.
  • Provide an engaging social platform for debate and explore issues that impact people in Sudan, the region and Sudanese communities abroad.
  • Provide an information and resource hub for journalists, researchers, human rights organisations and NGOs.